Basic Music Theory

About This Course

The purpose of this course is to provide you with knowledge about basic music theory (ABRSM Grades 1-5), which governs all styles of western music, including classical, folk, rock, blues and pop. The first lesson assumes that you have no prior knowledge of music theory. All subsequent lessons assume that you understand previous lessons and have successfully completed the exercises. It is vital to make sure you have successfully assimilated the information from one lesson before moving onto the next. You also need to be able to recall this information in future lessons, so take your time and test yourself a couple of times a week for a few minutes, making your own revision notes if you need to. Once you feel comfortable with the handouts in each lesson, try the exercises below the handouts to test your new knowledge! As always, if you need help or have any suggestions, please feel free to email me.

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Lesson 1 Staff, Clefs & Pitch

Lesson 2 Time Signatures Part 1

Lesson 3 Time Signatures Part 2

Lesson 4 Altering Pitch & Rhythm

Lesson 5 Major Scales

Lesson 6 Minor Scales

Lesson 7 Key Signatures & Circle of Fifths

Lesson 8 Intervals

Lesson 9 Triads

Lesson 10 Performance Directions

Lesson 11 Writing Melodies


Lesson 1 The Sharp Rule

Lesson 2 The Flat Rule

Lesson 3 Minor Keys

Lesson 4 Scales

Lesson 5 Intervals

Lesson 6 Simple Time

Lesson 7 Compound Time

Lesson 8 Transposition (Part 1)

Lesson 9 Transposition (Part 2)