Advanced Music Theory

About This Course

The purpose of this page is to provide you with knowledge about advanced music theory (ABRSM Grades 6 onwards) that governs all styles of western music, including classical, folk, pop, rock….you name it!  If you relax, give yourself time and read the materials below you will soon be able to master all aspects to music theory and understand how music works! Of course, there is a diverse selection of books available to help you learn theory.

Make sure you have successfully assimilated the information from basic music theory before moving onto these more advanced topics. You need to be able to recall information from each lesson in subsequent lessons. Therefore, if the topics listed below are completely new to you, I recommend that should take your time and test yourself a couple of times a week for a few minutes, making your own revision notes if you need to.

Once you feel comfortable with the information provided in each lesson, try the exercises to test your new knowledge! As always, if you need help or have any suggestions, please feel free to email me using the contact section above (under About Me).

Tools & Quizzes

ABRSM Grades 6-8 Theory Guidelines


Lesson 1 Key Signatures & Intervals


Lesson 2 Diatonic Chords & Figured Bass


Lesson 3 Voice Leading Guidelines & Chord Quality


Lesson 4 Cadences & Pre-Dominants


Lesson 5 Inverted Chord Progressions


Lesson 6  Chorale Harmonisation


Lesson 7 Non-Harmony Notes & Extended Diatonic Chords


Lesson 8 Suspensions


Lesson 9 Basic Modulation


Lesson 10 Chromatic Chords Part 1


Lesson 11 Chromatic Chords Part 2


Lesson 12 Piano Texture