Aural Skills

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Perfecting your aural skills is perhaps the most important part of learning music. Having a good musical ear can help you better appreciate and understand music and learn new music very quickly or playing music straight off the page without having heard it before (sight-reading)! If you're learning traditional, pop, blues/jazz or classical music it is important you immerse yourself in the music and listen to as much of it as you can. If you're on a budget, a good place to start would be Spotify, where you can listen to millions of tracks for free (with the occasional annoying adverts if you're unwilling to pay a monthly subscription), or Youtube, where you can watch and listen to live or recorded music performances. Whatever music you are interested in learning, it is important that you listen critically to it as often as you can. For convenience you can listen to Classical FM or BBC Radio 3 by clicking on the icons to the right. 


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