Declan Plummer
BMus, MA, phD

online Music School

Aural Skills & Music Theory Grades 1-8
GCSE Music, AS & A2 Music,
Musicianship & Music History
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GCSE & AS/A2 Results 2022
Examination Entries through the
Ulster College of Music
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Music Style and Period Online Music School

Dr Declan Plummer online music school

What unique Features are on offer?

  • Onscreen Digitised Theory Books (including Answers!)
  • Interactive Handouts With Embedded Audio & Video
  • Interactive Assignments With Embedded Audio & Video
  • Practice Papers & Past Papers (including Model Answers!)
  • Advanced Theory & Composition Exercises in Musescore
  • Analysed Orchestral & Vocal Scores with Scrolling Audio Bars
  • Onscreen Keyboards & iPad Apps
  • Classroom Maestro & MITA Music Encyclopedia
  • Compositions enhanced by BBC Symphony Orchestra plugin
  • Keynote Music History Presentations
  • How to Revise! – Exam Coaching (applicable to any subject!)

Why Online Tuition?

  • The ability to record all lessons and play back when needed
  • Easier to follow the teacher’s onscreen presentations
  • Students can easily ask teacher questions / leave comments
  • Better internet access compared to school internet
  • Better attendance and comfort being at home
  • Parents can be more engaged with their child’s learning
  • Learning to use computers enhances an essential skill
  • Better sharing, with no risk of losing work or handouts
  • Fewer disruptions due to bad weather or health alerts
  • No restrictions to distance – students from anywhere can enrol
  • It saves time – no travelling to and from classroom

Equipment used by Declan:

What equipment does a student need to enrol in an online music school?

To successfully benefit from online learning, it is recommended that students use a laptop/desktop (tablets and phones are far too limited and cumbersome), and that they have Zoom installed on their computers.

Students should purchase a USB microphone and USB webcam and attach them to their computer. They do not need to be expensive or top range models, but too often bad experiences of online learning have been the result of relying on a computer’s in-built microphone and webcam, which are rarely good and often lead to poor visual and/or audio for the student. It is also recommended that students use headphones at all times during their lessons.

Good internet access is essential! If the signal is poor, then it’s highly recommend not to use wireless, and instead connect the computer to the home router using a standard ethernet cable. This way, the signal becomes far stronger, uninterrupted, and not weakened by walls, ceilings, floors or distance from the router (obstacles that are often overlooked by students when doing online lessons).

Would you like to know more?

If you have any questions or you’re interested in enrolling in one my classes,
please feel free to contact me for additional information.